2/29 7-8pm Virtual Social Hour


Adaptations Virtual Game Night.

Thursday February 29th 7:00pm -8:00pm



Adaptations Virtual Social Hour. Thursday February 29th 7:00pm -8:00pm

Zoom link will be sent out to everyone who purchased a ticket.

Adaptations Refund Policy

As of 9/1/2023, LVCIL began to charge a service fee for and event that a consumer wanted to attend through its online ticket system.  These fees help offset costs for the program and are a requirement from the most current Adaptations grant which is requiring this fee to make the project to be sustainable past the time the grant funds are gone.  There will be times when refunds of money will be necessary.  Below is the policy that LVCIL will follow when refunding money.

  • LVCIL will refund money only through the online system that members purchased tickets to events.
  • Conditions that a refund is given:
  • LVCIL cancels a meeting for any reason. ie bad weather, not enough participation (Less than 2 people are signed up), other uncontrollable events that would not allow the activity to take place.
  • If it is communicated to LVCIL staff in writing (email or text) BEFORE the event is set to take place due to unforeseen events that do not allow the Adaptations member to take part in the activity. (someone is sick, someone gets called into work, etc.). When communicating that you will not make an event, It should be specified that a refund is being requested.
  • The refund amounts will be the total charge for the event purchased on the online ticket system, minus any fees to purchase and return the money. The refund will not include the cost of any activity ticket (ie. hockey ticket) that LVCIL purchased for the member.
    • Example #1 Someone purchasing a ticket through the online system with no other fees , just the event service charge for $7.00. This amount includes a 43 cent Pay Pal fee to purchase the online ticket and 43 cents to return the refund. A member will receive $6.14.
    • Example 2. Someone purchases an online ticket for a hockey game which includes an online ticket for a service fee of $7.00 and the cost of the hockey ticket for $20 for a total charge of $27.   The $7.00 fee would include a 43 cent Pay Pal fee purchase and 43 cent fee to refund the money with the member receiving $6.14.  Although LVCIL would attempt to find someone to purchase the ticket, there is no guarantee that LVCIL would be able to find someone and therefore unable to return the cost of the $20 ticket. On the occasion that someone was found to take the $20 ticket, that amount would be returned as well.
  • A refund will be made through the online system that the member purchased tickets to the events within 2 business days of receiving the written request for a refund.
  • A refund will not be given for a request that is made after the event is over.